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Wool Combination


Nylon Silk

Comparing Sheen

What is sheen & why does it occur?

The level of sheen found in a carpet or rug is the direct result of raw materials (or yarn) used in its composition.

Natural or synthetic fibres like silk, nylon & tencel typically exhibit reflective properties giving a luminous  shine when exposed to light.

A carpet made up of 100% shiny fibres will result in a high level of sheen, whilst wool blends or 100% wool carpets will have low or no sheen. 


RC+D offers a wide variety of designs using different materials and can customise any combination to meet your desired effect.

What's best for me ?

Both high sheen and no sheen are great options – it really depends on what your aesthetic preference is.

If you’re trying to emulate a sense of luxury and comfort, a high sheen carpet like Semiprecious or Pearl Lustre could be the solution.

If natural and organic textures are more your style 100% wool options like Geneva or Manly would suit. 


RC - Hand Tufted Seamless


Tufted Broadlom

Tufted Broadloom


Texture & Scale

What's the difference ?

Cut pile and loop pile carpets can come in endless colours, sizes and styles, each variation creating a different appearance and feel in their finished application. 

In loop pile carpets like those pictured to the right, smaller sized, tighter loops will reduce the amount of visible texture once laid & will likely have a firmer sensation underfoot. 


On the other end of the spectrum, the larger loop size will result in a higher level of visible texture, creating a more plush, organic vibe.


We take pride in having some beautiful broadloom ranges with various textures and looks to suit anyone’s taste.

What's best for me ?

It really comes down to the project style and budget - but both are excellent choices.

Smaller, tighter loops will be slightly more affordable due to a lower amount of materials used in their production & will have less visible texture, Vivaldi 2 and Ordina are great some examples.

Larger loops will use more material and are thicker, giving a different scale to the floor's texture – some of our favourites are Natural Collection or Alpha.