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Exemplifying the iconic class and sophistication of London, the London Elite range is restrained elegance at its finest.

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Construction: Handloom (HL)

Yarn: 100% Wool & Nylon Silk
All C. Viscose can be replaced with Shiny Nylon*

Width: 400CM or 500CM

- PH: 7MM (+/- 0.5) TT: 9MM(+/- 0.5)
- PH: 8MM (+/- 0.5) TT: 10MM(+/- 0.5)
- PH: 9MM (+/- 0.5) TT: 11MM(+/- 0.5)
Pile Height: PH Total Thickness: TT*

Pile Weight: 88OZ/ 5.5LB / 5.500 G/M2 (+/- 5%)

Texture: CUT PILE

Suitability: Heavy Duty Residential / Medium Commercial

Installation / Recommendation: CONVENTIONAL / DUAL BOND

Available in rug or carpet; custom colours and size

Full Colour Range

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