Directly inspired by nature’s own virtuous, recycling process with seeds transforming into mature, flourishing foliage that eventually will crumble into delicate textures only to become seeds again for a new beginning.

Irregular textures, layers and structures from outdoors are translated into multi-level carpet designs reflecting key elements of this seasonal cycle: Seed, Leaf and Fibre. Click on the three designs below to explore further.

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The Transition designs are available in an extensive range of soft and faded colours reflecting the hues of nature. They’ve been carefully researched, coordinated and selected in terms of the role they play in facilitating good physical and mental health. Greys and browns from the earth provide a soothing, safe and solid ambience, while greens and blues bring us new energy, creativity and optimism. All based on the expertise, experience and in-depth knowledge by Manganèse Éditions.

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