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The loose, slightly coarse structure of cotton cloth is the inspiration for Calico, and this is reproduced in both the pattern and the design of the carpet. The elegant loop structure creates the tactility and randomness that characterise the weaving of cotton cloth and the collection comes in 27 harmonising colours, all of which are carefully balanced tone-in-tone combinations. Choose from dusty shades of varying strength and character or go for a more pronounced colour choice, and whether you opt for a single colour or a combination of several, your floor will be covered with a touch of understated luxury.

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Designs/colours: 27 colours

Qualities: 1 quality

Available in: Wall-to-wall & Tiles and planks

Recolour options: No

Minimum orders: No minimum order requirements

Performance areas: EN1307 standard/Class 33 – Commercial – Heavy usage

Certification: Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM & Indoor Air Comfort Gold & GECA Certified

Please note that the designs listed below are available in multiple colours not pictured here. Please download the catalogue or contact us to view the entire range

Full Colour Range


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