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Moss evokes childhood memories of running barefoot in the deep, green forest and brings back the feeling of extreme softness between your toes. An almost bouncing underlay that excites your underfoot senses, Moss brings that exhilarating and tickling feeling from your feet to your entire body. The voluminous and agile surface reproduces the diversity of the forest floor’s multiple structures and colours.

The glossy look of the carpet yarn reflects the mysterious interplay between moist and light as when rays of sunshine catch drops of dew to make them sparkle like diamonds.

Moss adds a sprinkling of soft luxury to your hotel lobby, lounge area, conference room or reception.

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Designs/colours: 14 colours

Qualities: 1 quality

Available in: Rugs - in any size and any shape
(Does not meet contract fire ratings, so can only be specified for hotel rooms or as rugs)

Recolour options: No

Performance areas: EN1307 standard/Class 31 - Commercial/Moderate usage

Certification: Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM, Indoor Air Comfort Gold & Geca Certified

Please note that the designs listed below are available in multiple colours not pictured here. Please download the catalogue or contact us to view the entire range

Full Colour Range


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