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Why Carpet?

With advancements in fabrics, manufacturing, and technology, choosing carpet for your floor scraping needs is beyond just beauty and comfort. As well as a soft underfoot experience, choosing carpet for your next space is all about:

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With the rise of modern open plan living and office spaces, acoustics across space is an important consideration when creating an in-room experience. Sound projection and reverberation are both influenced by flooring, be it music or the echo of a room – thankfully, carpet can enhance the projection of your music while removing negative ambience.

The carpet allows the right noise to flow in the right way. While hard flooring options may hold an aesthetic appeal, the clunk of objects, scrape of chairs and constant sound of footsteps can add an unwanted din to your space and take away from the desired ambience.

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Modern carpeting offer a multitude of colours, textures, piles and tone to suit any space. From modern, high traffic areas to intimate spaces seeking luxury and comfort, our range of commercial carpeting and residential carpeting has something to suit your needs. Unlike many hard flooring options, carpet can provide nearly endless options and combine this with the soft underfoot experience that can transform a space into something memorable for both touch and sight.

RC+D specialises in a range of modern carpeting from carpet tiles to broadloom to suit contemporary and luxury residential carpeting and commercial carpeting needs. As the exclusive Australian provider of Danish brand Ege, we can offer the modern interior designer or architect the perfect option, with the opportunity for customisation at every step. 

Energy and the Environment

Contrary to belief, carpeting actually assists in clearing the air as it traps dust particles, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and allergens, from where they can be simply removed by vacuuming.

Cleaning your rug or carpet is simple, with regular vacuuming ensuring your carpet stays beautiful and only requiring the occasional deep clean. Unlike hard flooring options, dust does not show, and there is no risk for scratches or maintenance issues such as buffing or re-coating. For our stains and marks guide click here. 

Uninsulated flooring can account for 8 - 21% of heat loss from a home. In combination with other elements to a room, a pure wool carpet can assist in both the heating and cooling of a space, including maintaining those temperatures, especially as it holds and releases moisture. 

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