Introducing the Atelier by Monsieur Christian Lacroix Collection

Like a comforting carpet that has always been in the family home, a lucky pebble carried everywhere in your pocket, a travel book that accompanies you on your journey full of inspiration, notes and discoveries - Christian LaCroix

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Firmly established as a champion of couture, Monsieur Christian Lacroix joins Ege carpet to create the Atelier Collection - A homage to the classic European influence of Lacroix's upbringing in Arles, France.

Divided into three acts, Atelier explores the textures and visceral memories of Lacroix's history through Textile, Mineral and Gravure. Textile feels perhaps the most familiar to the fan of Lacroix's work, as Velours offers the shadow and light of a Christian Lacroix original gown. In this collection, you can discover detail that are both old world and new concurrently, inspired by Lacroix's fascination with textiles from a global range of cultures.

Mineral, part 2 of the collection, homages the ancient cobblestones of Lacroix's home town of Arles, France:

"The carpet not only dresses floors but also softens them, makes them warmer, less noisy, covering slabs and stones which, for centuries, have provided one of the main decorative elements of the residences of yesteryear. Sometimes rustic, sometimes sophisticated. Sometimes opulent, sometimes modest"

Submerging the viewer entirely in the whimsy and brilliance of Lacroix's mind, Gravure celebrates a riot of vignettes of memory - 19th century chateaus, etchings and plate illustrations of women and butterflies and a riot of woodland mystery. 'Papillons' creates a riot of colour and movement, with ballooned clouds reflecting the ballooned skirts of the genteel woman walking below. 

With multiple colourways and styles available, the Atelier by Monsieur LaCroix collection is available now exclusively to RC+D. Contact us today for your downloadable guide.