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The perfect rug for your perfect space: Bespoke rug design and creation by RC+D

Whilst we represent a number of outstanding commercial carpet and rug brands, we also provide a custom handmade service of our own. This service is available in hand knotted and hand tufted products. Our manufacturing facility is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. We produce custom rugs and carpets for residential and commercial application, using traditional weaving techniques of hand tufting and hand knotting. Hand tufting is by far the quickest method of producing rugs and carpet by hand, and is commonly used for classic and contemporary styles. These can be customised in colour, texture, shape and size to suit any requirement.

Our hand knotted rugs are created using the highest grade Himalayan wool, silk, linen, hemp and natal. This ancient technique involves weaving the yarns using warp and weft cotton threads by hand, before knotting them one by one to the rug. The end result is customisable to any project and situation, and provides the highest quality both structurally and visually.


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