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Regular vacuuming of the whole carpet should take place even when the carpet does not look particularly dirty. Areas where heavy foot traffic is directed through such as doorways, entrances and at the edges of the carpet where it joins hard floors require special attention. Proper vacuuming requires 3 to 5 passes at slow speed over the same area.


ABSORBENT POWDERS: in this system, the absorbent powder cleaning compound is sprinkled evenly over the surface of the carpet and brushed in using a counter-rotating brush. After about 20 minutes the dry compound is vacuumed away using a powerful vacuum cleaner. This system works very well on greasy stains and, being a dry compound, it is safe to use on all types of carpet and tile installations. We do not recommend this system for use in areas prone to wet spillages.


WET SPILLAGES: should be mopped up immediately. Most spillages respond well to immediate treatment, thereby preventing permanent staining. Please follow RC & D Stain Checklist and Treatment Guide for further information. Please do not walk on the carpet until it is completely dry.

HIGH FOAM SHAMPOOS: The high foaming shampoo is brushed over the pile surface using a special applicator with brushing action. The carpet is left to dry thoroughly, and the dry shampoo crystals are vacuumed away. RC & D prefer the use of a machine applicator with counter-rotating brushes to lift the pile. Flat rotating bonnet mop or brush applicators can untwist, mat, and flatten the pile of the carpet and we do not recommend their use.


HOT WATER EXTRACTION SYSTEMS: In this system, the carpet pile is sprayed with a shampoo solution, which is lightly agitated with a grooming brush for an appropriate time, next the surface is passed over several times with a cleaning tool to thoroughly rinse out the pre-conditioner and soils, using an acetic acid solution, lower the Ph of the fabric to a neutral state. Finally, the surface is dried sufficiently to avoid any possibility of saturation.

BARRIER MATTING: where fitted, should be vacuumed daily and cleaned out regularly in order to prevent build-up and transfer of soil or greasy substances to the carpet. For cleaning and maintenance of barrier matter, please contact the manufacturer of the particular product. Please do not use Rotary shampoo or spin bonnet absorbent pads on wool or wool/blend carpets.

*For further information please refer to the downloadable PDF below.


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