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Art by the square foot.


We love the meticulous. The harmonious. 
The smooth. The sentimental. The nostalgic.

We love fabric that feels. Textures that accentuate.
Colours that coordinate and environments that heal.

We love more than flooring.

Because what we walk on is more than floor.
It's what we enter to. It's what we rise to.

What grounds us. What centres us.
What reminds us we're home.

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New Collection
56 Eco-colours by Margrethe Odgaard


Poetry in the floorscape


Building on the interaction between colours, materials, light and space this palette comprises of 56 colours that compliment and uplift each other, as well as individual diva colours that stand out and add vibrancy. 

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Care about what grounds you.

With over 30 years of experience and offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne, RC+D are proud to be Australia’s most passionate, meticulous curators of bespoke flooring artistry for hospitality, high-end residential, commercial, education and aged care.

We insist on the highest quality. And we only promote products and suppliers that adhere to the highest standards in design, craftsmanship and innovation. RC+D holds exclusive representation for a range of major international suppliers.

Combining this with our in house expertise in trends and design, we create bespoke environments that comfort, captivate, and delight.

We don’t just supply carpets. We create environments. We curate feeling. From the moody and romantic to the warm and homely, the energised and modern to the classic and contemporary, we facilitate connection, permeating places with meaning and emotional resonance.

We proudly serve clients in:

• High-End Residential
• Multi-Residential
• Commercial Spaces
• Retail

• Education
• Health and Aged Care
• Hospitality
• Marine, Aviation and Transport

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